Skornicka Designs & Construction takes a distinctive approach to design and build. We design with nature, intentionally choosing every element of the interior and exterior to integrate with the natural setting. 

Sustainability is at the forefront of our process from selection of materials and resourcing, to design practices and construction. 

We are honored to offer our passion and craftsmanship to create a home that brings an abundance of serenity and joy to your life. 


About us

Susan Skornicka is a seasoned designer and contractor who operates with intention and integrity at every level. Her innate skill level, artistry and refined sensibility has been honed over 20 years dedicated to design & building. 

As the single point of contact for her clients, the process of collaborating with Susan is organized, transparent and seamless. She brings intuitive wisdom to every project, guiding an elevated vision to deliver on all the senses and infuse a radiant energy in the home. Grounded in practical design principles, her homes deliver solidly on functionality, while simultaneously creating spaces that are filled with heart and meaning. 

Susan lives and designs while being surrounded by natural beauty in her magical haven in the woods in Ross, CA. Her two daughters, Maia and Lily, are both integral members of her design team and the lights of her life.